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Trendez is a leader in Body Piercing in New Zealand

With over twenty years of experience piercing in-store, Trendez offers one of the largest ranges of piercing jewellery available anywhere in New Zealand and has, in recent years, expanded to offer much of that huge range for sale via the website www.trendez.co.nz.

Now, through www.trendezwholesale.co.nz Trendez is expanding once again, this time offering jewellery and accessories at wholesale prices to other businesses involved in the piercing industry. Leading the way is a new product which has us very excited and has met with a very enthusiastic response from other piercers who have already purchased the product from us. It is the Safe Ear Piercing Cartridge. Yes, the days of the piercing gun have ended! These cartridges are single use and amazingly easy to use (see the short demonstration video on the Information page of this website).

The studs which come with the cartridge are available in a huge range of 52 different birthstones or shapes, including a mix of gold and silver available for your customers to select from.

Piercing cartridges have been around previously but they were clumsy, unreliable and difficult to work. Finally, the designers of Safe Ear Piercing Cartridges have succeeded where others failed and perfected the design. Every piercer who has used these cartridges has found them to be a dream to use.

Piercing marker pens and diluted Tea Tree Oil aftercare (in spray nozzle bottles) are also available via this website and other piercing related product will be added in the very near future.

We are proud of the impeccable service we continue to offer retail customers through www.trendez.co.nz with orders being delivered the following day in almost all cases. Now we are ready to offer that same high speed service through this wholesale website. If you are a business, apply now for your free access code and then check out what’s available and the great wholesale prices offered.